Sample combat

May 11, 2009 at 3:44 PM (GURPS, Roleplaying, RPG) (, , )

With the upload of our Podcast #0.1 – Sample Combat, you are able to see a little bit how our combat flows. It shoudl be noted that as a GM I’m just making stuff up as I go along here. That being said, it turned into a fun 45 mins or so of wreaking havoc in a simple scenario.
We decided to do this combat (as we discuss briefly in the session) as a way of becoming familiar with the chars that were going to be played. On the whole, this isn’t a bad way to start a story. It lets the players get a chance to come to grips with what their chracters are able to do (or in the case of Jarvis, what a bloody mess they might turn out to be).
Hope you enjoy the first real look at these characters and stay tuned for the next podcast when the story begins.

Good Gaming,


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