Expedition to the Ancient Academy

May 12, 2009 at 9:53 PM (Roleplaying, RPG) (, )

Honestly, it’s awesome to hear people playing Classic D&D with the old rules. To this day, I still have some of the old materials sitting on my desk (whee, Basic Set!). Another podcasting group, Expedition to the Ancient Academy, is currently running an adventure in Mystara. I’m fairly sure they are using the highly sought after Rules Cyclopedia. The audio quality is a little low, but the adventure is pretty damn awesome. Check them out:





  1. cptclyde said,

    I must agree, this gaming group has been quite amusing to listen to while working. Everytime another retainer meets an untimely demise I have to hold back the laughter in my cubicle.
    Yay for cheap hirelings!

  2. zen_jedi said,

    I know that cptclyde had that Rules Cyclopedia at one point because I kept borrowing it from him 🙂

    • criticalfailuregame said,

      lol, he still does. I nerd-gasmd while flipping through it 😀

  3. cptclyde said,

    Hey Zen-Jedi, don’t you still have that old copy? I love that system, we are thinking about pulling it out for a couple sessions!.
    TSR games rocked! Screw the Wizards!

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