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June 2, 2009 at 2:01 PM (GURPS, Roleplaying) (, , , )

I think in theory it is a good idea to open up the use of the GURPS ruleset though like most things, it would likely have some unforeseen consequences. But if nothing else, it would almost definitely cause growth in GURPS popularity, which may out way the drawbacks.
Either way, the GURPS system would make a much better candidate for such a mechanism then D20 system ever could. With GURPS’ ruleset being so general and expansive, people could do some neat things with the proper permissions/licensing. And sjgames would be raking in the dough from folks buying the core books to make and play these expansions (theoreitaclly). Not to mention all the great supplemental material people may want, like ….. Ultra-Tech for that cool Sci-Fi setting that Jon Doe wrote.
After all, GURPS is poised to support all generas and settings almost equally well. I don’t believe any other system could truly support such an open community creation frenzy better then GURPS. So why not throw it to the masses and see what they come up with?
If that feels too risky, maybe sjgames could open the use of their 3rd edition material only. Not sure if it could work that way, but it would no doubt increase demand for the old material again and maybe prove to be an interesting test.

Anyways, I’m no marketing genious, but I know how much better GURPS works for me then any other system I’ve tried.

So to answer the question:
Yes I think it would be overall beneficial for GURPS if there was some sort of open license mechanism to allow nerdy fans like us to get the cheap thrill of feeling like they have contributed something fun to their fellow GURPSers.

The Cap’n


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