The Orchid Eater – Setting Data

June 10, 2009 at 1:46 PM (GURPS, Roleplaying, RPG) (, , , , )

In an effort to provide useful free resources to the Role Playing community, I’ve decided to create a setting based around the novel “The Orchid Eater” by Marc Laidlaw.

Basic setting info (Cited from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal):

The Southern California turf of two gangs becomes a nightmare area. One group, misfits collected by the religion-spouting Hawk, pits itself against the young gays headed by the drug-dealing Sal. Rivalry turns to terror and violence upon the arrival of Sal’s younger brother Lupe, a physically and psychologically damaged murderer. Lupe blames Sal for his brutal castration (cauterized by blowtorch) at the hands of a gang.

For the 1st bit of this setting, I’ve generated an alpha version of Lupe Diaz’s character sheet for use by a GM. He is incredibly powerful, and would make a good enemy for PCs to track down. I envision at least 2 PCs of about 75 points being needed to take him down (as you can see).  Suggestions are always welcome; I totally expect to change this sheet up before it’s complete!

In the coming weeks, I hope to generate both Lupe’s older brother Sal, and the alternate gang leader Mike. Additionally, I will attempt to create a template for a gang member of either group, and basic location setting information (and adventure leaping points).

If you’ve never read Marc Laidlaw, now is the time to do so!


Lupe Diaz Character Sheet

Lupe Diaz Character Sheet

Lupe Diaz Character Sheet Part 2

Lupe Diaz Character Sheet Part 2


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