OGG Format vs MP3 Format

July 2, 2009 at 2:26 PM (GURPS, podcast) (, )

We’ve had a great couple of months; this month alone we’ve transferred almost 20 gigs worth of content! This has been a far greater response than we assumed would be possible: GURPS is awesome, but no where near the saturation level of Dungeons and Dragons / D20 games.

With all the attention we have, we are now wondering if we could attract more listeners with an MP3 stream as well. We chose OGG as we are open source nuts; we run Open Sourced OS’s (Debian for Jarvis, Fedora for Moegreeb, and FreeBSD for CptClyde), and we dislike anything that’s not truly “free”. Hence our reason for choosing OGG over MP3.

However we realize we may be loosing people who don’t have the OGG codec directly on their system. Heck, our podcast even has iTunes tags, though it won’t show up as Apple refuses to allow the OGG format in iTunes!

As such I’ve decided to toss up a poll to see how many people would like to have an MP3 stream in addition to the OGG stream. Due to the time constraints with encoding, this likely means we will reduce back to 1 show a week.

Please vote on the poll and add any comments you like for and against the MP3 stream idea.

Open source!



  1. zen_jedi said,

    I didn’t have the OGG codec when I got to this site, but it took all of 5 minutes to get and install. I forget if I found the instructions on the blog or the OGG site but it worked well and windows media player now happily plays your podcasts for me.

    On a side note, I hapily encourage your fight aginst d20 tyrany. I have no problem with the die itself but I don’t want all games to use the d20 system. Sometimes you want to play Earthdawn or Cyberpunk2020 to use some different mechanics. (most of my games with those two systems have been done with cpt_clyde)

  2. salvagebar said,

    I am happy for your success, guys. I have the OGG codec, but the problem is still one of accessibility. iTunes, like it or not, is a standard, and a big part of the pod-listenership uses it to subscribe.
    If you are happy with your current audience, then great. Plenty of podcasters just want to have their circle of a few hundred friends to talk to, who follow what they do. But, if you really want to expand your audience, you have to make a stream that iTunes can play without being modified by powerusers like us (iTunes will play and download OGG after modifying Quicktime).

    • criticalfailuregame said,

      Heyas Salvage,

      I checked out your podcast, I like the little intro you did 😉 I’m thinking of making an ad for my upcoming Space campaign. Gotta love being dramatic eh?

      Anywho, yeah, looks like there’s slightly more interest than not in having an MP3 stream.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 We appreciate the views!

  3. cptclyde said,

    Yes good times on the CyberPunk front! All on the way home from a Rugby tournament in Washington DC on a bus.
    I miss the care free days of high school gaming lol.

    And oh yes Earthdawn, was just talking to Jarvis about that system the other day. Cool stuff.

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