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July 29, 2009 at 9:19 AM (Uncategorized)

Listening back over the podcast, I feel I owe our listenership some sort of apology for our lack of focus … and an actual story line. Between laughing fits, poor accents and weak dramatic descriptions I did actually have a good a good bit of fun however and if nothing else gained more experience as a subpar GM.
That said, chatting last night with an old friend (ZenJedi), after listening to the podcasts he brought it to my attention that according to the old official RPG Gamer classification (, all three of my players seemed to fall into the “Loonie” classification. Interesting.
He also said that when it comes to getting them into a story line it’s like coaxing a fat kid wearing water wings clutching his mommy in the kiddie pool  to dive for pennies in the deep end.
No….. he didn’t actually say that… ..but maybe he should have?

Actually, in all honesty, I am glad they have mostly tottled along my story trails quite agreeably, while throwing in amusing twists to keep things interesting. All in all well done fellows!
Game on.



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  1. zen_jedi said,

    my name was mentioned so I must reply.

    Just as a preface, one of the members of the RPG group that CptClyde and I were in in high shcool was a classic Loonie and that was helpful to add flavour to our games. Though ti also make it more shocking the times he went serious on us 🙂

    I’m sure that playing in the office lunch room encourages the Loony style and that a different venue could change the play style even with the exact same players. It is good to see that both GMs so far have rolled with the Loony style well. Nothing breaks the spirit of the game more than having the GM going for a serious type game while the players want to be more casual.

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