My mind, it wanders!

July 31, 2009 at 3:47 PM (GURPS, podcast, Roleplaying, RPG)

… The red Honda Civic whooshes past my head, end over end and glances off a cement pillar before plummeting out over the barrier of the roof parking lot and free falls to the street 16 stories below.

That one was close.

The only thing worse then dodging dump trucks are civics, because you know they’re going to be coming fast.Brick isn’t letting up either, no dull commentary or verbal jabs as his ego basks in his hulking mutant form’s brute power. Just silent destruction of large objects with in arms reach. He must have another reason for this little spectacle other then the usual drunken fit, or petty crime. While I was busy ducking the last barrage he seems to have acquired a parking toll booth and is hefting it overhead. With a smirk, he poses for a second….. as if to let me in on a little secret, and unsurprisingly hurls the booth me.

What a douche canoe.

He can be so predictable.

The mostly intact booth flies at me low. I shift to ready a spinning dodge maneuver, and something seems odd about this flimsy improvised projectile. As it comes closer I leave the ground in a horizontal roll above the flying plexiglassed box.

Heh. Chump missed me again.

Halfway through my spin I look down into the tinted depths of the flying booth and to my horror realize this is more akin to a flying coffin. The toll booth worker is still inside! No wonder he used such an uncharacteristically light object, he’s really trying to hurt someone this time! This time he means business! Regardless of Brick’s motives, he needs to be stopped…. And quickly.

Still twisted in the air above the passing booth, I reach for the attached ticket dispenser with one hand. As my trajectory jolts to follow the booth I realize I was never intended to dodge this ball. It’s now a game of catch. The weight of the toll booth caries it’s occupant and me crashing over the barrier, hot on the trail of the red Civic. With my free hand I grab the gnarled and bent remains of the barrier’s hand railing as I tumble over end of the booth and brace for impact. When the booth clears the barrier and tumbles over me looking for the ground, it’s all I can do to keep my grip, as it feels like my arms are being torn out of their sockets.

I can’t hold this kind of weight.

For the first time in my life I actually wish I WAS Brick.

Muscles start to give and tear and I suddenly lose feeling in my hands.

I look down……16 stories down.

The Civic looks even worse then it did before with it’s gaudy aftermarket spoiler. A popping sound rattles through my back and I see my numb hand quiver. The greasy, overweight, middle aged man laying unconscious in the booth does nothing to encourage, as I notice the empty box of Duncan Donuts fall out the opened booth window.

……the least he could have done was eat a lighter lunch.

Lately, my thoughts concerning RPGing have been drifting off into scenarios such as the above. Not sure why, not sure when this started, but I seem incapable of writing the next leg of adventure for the Fantasy campaign while these thoughts are bouncing around in my noggin (any of you out there who have gamed with me before should find my lack of consistency unsurprising).

So I am thinking about tossing together a one shot Super Heroes game. It will, of course, be recorded and posted here for your listening displeasure, but I thought I’d also post to see what our readers/listeners would like to hear next. Now having said that, I’ll probably go off and chose whatever the heck I want anyways, but it is still nice to know how you all feel about it.


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  1. criticalfailuregame said,

    Seriously; someone voted D20 modern?

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