Host Migration Complete; Site Migration to Follow

March 13, 2010 at 11:19 AM (GURPS, podcast, Roleplaying, RPG) (, , , )

Morning to everyone,

So, I’ve managed to move the podcasts to the new host, A Small Orange, and everything seems to be going great.  As you can see, I’ve reduced the number of podcasts down quite a bit and eliminated the OGG stream completely.  The old host was providing MUCH more diskspace, but had serious lag times and was constantly over taxed.  As such, I made the trade off to stick with a smaller host with better latency.

That being said, this now also allows us to move from to, my personal site. will become a nice hub for much of our work, and help keep it centralized.  Please update all your bookmarks toCritical Failure: The GURPS Podcast.

Changes to come: To meet the type of hosting available, the number of available podcasts on the RSS feed will be reduced; perhaps to simply the 5 most recent. This will not mean all the old podcasts will be unavailable, they will simply be moved to another storage solution. Watch for their return in the coming weeks.

Podcast releases will now be once every two weeks. Since I was doing the bulk of the work, it got to be really tiring to have a twice a week release. This will not only free up time, it’ll allow me to create a proper intro to the podcast, and to clean up dead air. Potentially, the new season of Critical Failure could sound almost professional (ha!).

CptCylde will be starting a new game; a nice and simple “The Matrix” setting. This will be a nice, light introduction for a new gamer, and should be starting quite soon.

“What happened to the finale of the Ayn Rand/Pseudo Objectivist/Space Setting game YOU were running?”

Well, that can be explained in one short statement: Moegreeb can’t find his MP3 player. He’s currently in the process of moving across the city, and has misplaced ti somewhere in his many boxes. Eventually we’ll find them and put them up; though based upon how poorly I was running that game, Im sure no one will miss them 😉

We look forward to serving a new season of listeners very shortly, and we can’t wait to show off our new digs once they finally start to look complete!



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