About Critical Failure

Critical Failure is a trio of GURPS gamers and GM’s who play fast and loose with the rules. We believe gaming should be fun, and more about being creative than getting the most loot and ensuring each other live to tell the tale.

Currently we are made up of:
Moegreeb – Ontario’s most famous celtic musician and Josh Wheadon fan
cptclyde – A slackware/freebsd geek who jams with his congregation on weekends
Jarvis – Mr. Cynical and miracle working programmer with a heart of fritos.

Each of us has gamed for more than a few years. Jarvis played Original D&D for most of his childhood; cptcylde fondly remembers the TMNT RPG, and Moegreeb… Well he manages to slip into games when people arn’t looking.

We still suck, but hopefully we can give 30 minutes of entertainment a week regardless.


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