GM: Bernard “Jarvis” Walker

The Man behind the obnoxious voice

The Man behind the obnoxious voice

Name: Javis/Bernard/The Nerd of Nerds

Superpower: The Creepy Beam (Makes women scurry away in fear)

Games: GURPS, Shadowrun, “Classic” Dungeons and Dragons, Werewolf, All Flesh Must Be Eaten

Interests: Comics, Nintendo, Sci-Fi, Japan, Zombies, Bizzare Fandom Whos Name Must Not Be Spoken

Blurb:  Remember that kid in elementary who always had at least two issues of Nintendo Power in his backpack?  Or how about the kid in highschool who played Magic: The Gathering at lunch?  Yeah, that was me.  I’m overly educated (Masters of Science), and just a little stunned.  Out of the three of us, I’m by far the nerdiest/lamest; a distinction I’m not sure is good or not.  I am currently working as a programmer in Ottawa and working on a new one-off comic.  I kinda wish I was Wil Wheaton, as I’d totally hit on Star Trek fangirls (that, AND he’s awesome).  I’ve been published a few times, though I generally don’t care about pesky things like “grammar” and “punctuation”.

Oh yeah, I totally used to be a dude.


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