Host Migration Complete; Site Migration to Follow

March 13, 2010 at 11:19 AM (GURPS, podcast, Roleplaying, RPG) (, , , )

Morning to everyone,

So, I’ve managed to move the podcasts to the new host, A Small Orange, and everything seems to be going great.  As you can see, I’ve reduced the number of podcasts down quite a bit and eliminated the OGG stream completely.  The old host was providing MUCH more diskspace, but had serious lag times and was constantly over taxed.  As such, I made the trade off to stick with a smaller host with better latency.

That being said, this now also allows us to move from to, my personal site. will become a nice hub for much of our work, and help keep it centralized.  Please update all your bookmarks toCritical Failure: The GURPS Podcast.

Changes to come: To meet the type of hosting available, the number of available podcasts on the RSS feed will be reduced; perhaps to simply the 5 most recent. This will not mean all the old podcasts will be unavailable, they will simply be moved to another storage solution. Watch for their return in the coming weeks.

Podcast releases will now be once every two weeks. Since I was doing the bulk of the work, it got to be really tiring to have a twice a week release. This will not only free up time, it’ll allow me to create a proper intro to the podcast, and to clean up dead air. Potentially, the new season of Critical Failure could sound almost professional (ha!).

CptCylde will be starting a new game; a nice and simple “The Matrix” setting. This will be a nice, light introduction for a new gamer, and should be starting quite soon.

“What happened to the finale of the Ayn Rand/Pseudo Objectivist/Space Setting game YOU were running?”

Well, that can be explained in one short statement: Moegreeb can’t find his MP3 player. He’s currently in the process of moving across the city, and has misplaced ti somewhere in his many boxes. Eventually we’ll find them and put them up; though based upon how poorly I was running that game, Im sure no one will miss them 😉

We look forward to serving a new season of listeners very shortly, and we can’t wait to show off our new digs once they finally start to look complete!



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The Long Overdue Update!

January 26, 2010 at 8:37 PM (GURPS, podcast, Roleplaying, RPG) (, , , , , , , )

Evening all!

Yes it’s been almost 3 months since the Critical Failure crew have made any new postings or even podcasts, and we apologize greatly.  We know some of you were listening to our antics for some time and we feel terrible for leaving you out in the cold!  Fear not, the crew will post the remaining 3 episodes of the Space campain (that sad sad fumbling oddity), and will start a brand new season of adventure!

This time we will be running a single longer term game; a dark drawven fantasy.  To ease our time constraints, we’ll be moving back on the release schedual to twice a month; ensuring a sucessful and satisfying run.

Mostly, we were distracted by Magic: The Gathering (we are geeks afterall), and simply became a little burnt out.  However, check back for more updates and new features!

Coming Soon: The Critical Failure Source Material Wiki, get all the data, settings, NPCs and other goodies from our games.  Run your own!  And (hopefully) play them better than we could 😉

Keep rolling those dice!


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Podcast #37 Fixed

October 20, 2009 at 10:50 AM (GURPS, podcast, Roleplaying, RPG) ()

Made a small typo which ZenJedi caught for us. The direct links to the files will now work (this didn’t affect the podcast feeds, just the blog posts); sorry about that, enjoy!

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Podcast #37 – A Tomb inside a Tomb

October 19, 2009 at 6:57 AM (GURPS, podcast, Roleplaying, RPG) (, , , , , , , , )

Now available; Podcast #37!

Critical Failure: Space Setting – 37 (A Tomb inside a Tomb)
Critical Failure: Space Setting – 37 (A Tomb inside a Tomb) MP3

Suddenly things don’t seem so cut and dry about the mysterious tombs of John and Dagny Gault. Why is there a second airlocked section not on the map? Why can’t Dick Dawkinstown follow? What is with the mysterious holographic note?

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Podcast #36 – Douche Canoe

October 16, 2009 at 7:17 AM (GURPS, podcast, Roleplaying, RPG) (, , , , , )

Now available; Podcast #36!

Critical Failure: Space Setting – 36 (Douche Canoe)
Critical Failure: Space Setting – 36 (Douche Canoe) MP3

The heroes discuss their options about entering the bio-metrically coded airlock, all whilst discussing ZenJedis Urban Dictionary posting?

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Review: GURPS Fantasy

October 15, 2009 at 8:31 AM (GURPS, Roleplaying, RPG) (, , , , , , , )

This was a review originally intended for another website which I was apart of, but was never used. Posted since we really need to start getting back into posting.

The classic tale of Hellboy VS. Gandalf

The classic tale of Hellboy VS. Gandalf

William H. Stoddard has written his fair share of gaming supplements; mostly for the GURPS rule system as far as I can tell. As such, he is no stranger to a gamers desire for detail, fluid passages, and tasty helpings of artwork. He’s also the author of SJGames all-encompassing Fantasy supplement, “GURPS Fantasy”.

Fantastic Flying Machines

Fantastic Flying Machines

First and foremost, GURPS Fantasy is a toolkit, not a setting sourcebook. This distinction is a fine one, and should be understood before purchasing. As a genre toolkit, GURPS Fantasy doesn’t throw down a stock D&D style setting to work with, but instead gives you copious amounts of information to begin generating your own fantasy world.

Each of the early chapters are nicely subdivided into the important parts of a setting: The type of fantasy, the magical systems, the creatures, and even the physical (and meta-physical) world itself. You need information on the differences between High and Low fantasy? It’s here. Dark, Light, Paranormal Romance? Yup, there’s a quick section on each. Strangely, they felt it was necessary to also define “Christian Supernaturalism”. Do people actually play as John the Baptist?

One of the highlight sections happens to be “The Supernatural”. One of my gripes with the Core GURPS set happens to be the weak magic/supernatural section. GURPS Fantasy rectifies this with a 20 page collection of undead minions, magical systems including alchemy, and a creature catalog. Why it was so difficult to give even 1/4 of this information in the Core set, I will never know.

The art direction for GURPS Fantasy is competent. Don’t misunderstand, this supplement will never win awards for its “original” artwork; but it isn’t as stock and out of place as GURPS Magic’s 3D models. The drawing style is very similar to what’s found in the GURPS Basic Set, giving it at least a feeling of consistency between volumes. Thankfully it isn’t very sparse either, meaning you won’t go pages without a visual break.

Lilith as seen by GURPS Fantasy

Lilith as seen by GURPS Fantasy

However, unless you were planning on a Tolkien, Zelazny or Le Guin style fantasy world, you will feel this supplement a little lacking. While the information on every standard fantasy cliché is there, you will be hard pressed to find much that’s truly inspiring. Strangely, it’s as if Stoddard picked up “The Tough Guide to Fantasyland” by Diana Jones and mistook it as a serious guide. Every cliché, boring and insipid fantasy seed is here, which is great for new comers (both to gaming and GURPS), there is nothing which will help a game remain truly interesting.

Finally, the included sample campaign/world setting is atrocious. Once again, SJGames attempts to shoehorn another book into the “Infinite Worlds” multi-setting. Honestly, this is a Fantasy toolkit! I do *not* need to hear about “Infinity Patrol Agents” or “Quantum-#” while I’m trying to create a magical world. Why SJGames feels the need to constantly remind us that they have a GURPS setting which covers everything, I will never know.

The main issue with the sample setting (Roma Arcana) is that much like the rest of the sourcebook, it’s unoriginal. The basic premise is that Rome exists much as it did in our own past, except that magic was real and gods truly did walk the earth. Considering it cleanly lifts actual history to make the back story, I was surprised to see the world saddled with a TL2 (Tech Level 2) rating. Really? The Romans were the most advanced society outside of modern times and you couldn’t even give them TL3?

Overall, I’ve been rather harsh on the book. While this supplement suffers (greatly) from unoriginality, it’s far from a bad book. It is smoothly written and decently packaged. Additionally, it would make a perfect supplement for new gamers. For those finally venturing away from D&D but wishing to keep the fantasy setting, this book would be invaluable for the creation of a suitable world. However, there is little here for veteran gamers who need inspiration. My suggestion for veterans is to locate Stoddard’s “GURPS Steampunk” instead; it’s far more original AND has bitch’n artwork.

Rating: 6.5/10

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Roleplaying + MS Paint = A monsters inner most thoughts?

October 14, 2009 at 11:22 AM (GURPS, Roleplaying, RPG) (, , , , , , , )


Courtesy of CptCylde and boredom?

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Podcast #35 – Skinwalker

October 13, 2009 at 7:02 AM (GURPS, podcast, Roleplaying, RPG) (, , , , )

Now available; Podcast #35!

Critical Failure: Space Setting – 35 (Skinwalker)
Critical Failure: Space Setting – 35 (Skinwalker) MP3

Moegreeb and CptnClyde steal the skin of Dagny Gault and attempt to circumvent a biometrics scanner. I guess they forgot about eye balls…

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Taking a week off!

October 6, 2009 at 7:02 AM (GURPS, podcast, Roleplaying, RPG)

Hey all,

Our updates have been lacking the last month, and we apologize. However, we’ll be taking this week off to recuperate. Hope you’ve been enjoying it so far!


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Podcast #34 – Is that a fricken bag on my head?

September 28, 2009 at 6:58 AM (GURPS, podcast, Roleplaying, RPG) (, , , , )

Now available; Podcast #34!

Critical Failure: Space Setting – 34 (Is that a fricken bag on my head?)
Critical Failure: Space Setting – 34 (Is that a fricken bag on my head?) MP3

The conclusion of the epic (uh) android battle; CptClyde survives by the skin of his teeth while Moegreeb considers beating them to digital death with their own arms.

As always, our podcasts are presented in OGG format!

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